About us

We already live in the future. Shouldn't your business?

Who are we?

Established in 2014. MyOps is an innovative, dynamic and progressive travel technology company based in Bangalore.

What we do

Established in 2014, Myops is an innovative, dynamic and progressive travel solution company based in Bangalore. Our flagship product, i2w holidays, was launched back in 2014; fuelled by customer demand, it quickly became a hugely impressive online holiday platform. Today it's a powerful end-to-end reservation system that's used across the Holiday segment, from offline tour operators to online travel agents.

Myops unique approach to software development has enabled the creation of a Strong, effective, fast and scalable web-based application. We have constructed development classes and methodologies that have provided us with the tools to satisfy complex tour operating requirements with ease.

Our values

We know how important it is to understand what you and your business want and need. We don’t just have checklists, but proven processes that deliver what Local Tour operator / DMC require. We don’t just settle for creativity, innovation and skill we always take it a step further to ensure we are the best. We don’t just deliver modern technology solutions, we’re passionate about it too. That is why we are not just your technology platform, but we become your partner, and we can only succeed if you do.

How we work

Our rapidly expanding project and service team is here to make your experience with Myops smooth and successful, with customer software developers and project manager to guide you from the first conversations through to project implementation to go-live. myops combines a passion for customer satisfaction, technology innovation, deep industry and business process expertise and a happy, enthusiastic workforce.